For any one who has dogs (or any pet), you know how much they mean to you, and how they become such a special part of your family. Elizabeth got Matthew as a little puppy at just eight weeks old… now, eight years later, he’s a big boy with a big heart. Recently they noticed he was having some pain in his back leg, and before they knew it, Matthew was diagnosed with bone cancer. When Elizabeth called and told me about Matthew, my heart broke for her family, and I knew I had to meet him and get lots of photos. He’s had some really difficult days lately, but yesterday out on the family’s farm, Matthew was in high spirits and having a great time. What a sweet heart… I just melted when he was rolling around in the grass and I called his name and asked if he wanted a cookie. He stopped and looked over at me like “Did some one say cookie?” I just love this face…


I like this one with Jeff and Elizabeth loving on Matthew. He’s enjoying those awesome neck scratches….


 Look at this strong face.. isn’t he gorgeous?


 Matthew is a really good swimmer, and spent a lot of time in the pond while I was there. You can see how much he loves it…. look at that happy face…



 We got some great family shots too… here’s Matthew with his brother Chester (on the left) and sister Lulu (on the right)….



 Saved my two favorites for last. This first one of Matthew with Jeff and Elizabeth makes me smile. 


 This last one is a “portrait” of Matthew that I just love. I hope this and all the other photos captured his personality well for his family to keep forever. Matthew… thanks for being a sweetheart and such a good boy for your photos. I’ll be thinking about you. 


Lindsey - November 15, 2009 - 6:41 pm

lynette– these are great– thanks for sending me the link to look at them!!

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