Happy New Year!

Ah, a brand new year, another opportunity to start fresh and set new goals for ourselves. I, like the majority of folks with resolutions, would like to get into shape, live a healthier lifestyle, travel more, cook dinner more, learn something new, get organized, (keep the house super clean) and simply live life to the fullest. I’d also like to get outside more to enjoy the fresh air, spend quality time with the people (and dogs) that I love, and make sure to keep touch with those that I don’t see often enough. I actually have a list of people to call in the next couple days to catch up with, and I’m so looking forward to it.

Doug and I plan to (finally) go on a honeymoon to Europe this Spring, so that will definitely be the highlight of the year for us. We’ve been talking more and more about it, have got the Italy books for dummies, and I’ll soon get my very first passport. I’m already daydreaming about what it will be like traveling around Italy (and Prague!)… oh, I can’t wait! We’re thinking April… if we can wait that long.

Like I may have said several times now, I’m officially starting my own photography business, and that’s pretty wild, exciting, and a tad scary… I’m getting my home office put together and making an incredibly long list of ideas and things to do in the next few months. I think the dogs may be as excited as I am, since they’ll get to play more, make more frequent trips to the backyard, and lay in the sunshine spots throughout the house every day (rather than being “locked up” all day). It’s going to be such a big change for all of us, but I think we’ll love it.

Happy 2008! (so much for eating healthy…);)


Andrea Short - January 3, 2008 - 8:43 am

Hi Lynette! Kellie told me about your website awhile ago so I’ve come and lurked a few times – your work is fantastic! Congratulations on living your dreams – I know you will be very successful!! In fact, Adam and I have been talking about doing “family” photos with Crosby and Mina (our cat) at some point, b/c we don’t have any really good frameworthy photos of us since our wedding over five years ago! I’ll be calling you when we get the motivation to do that! Happy New Year and congratulations once again on your new biz!

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