Florence, Italy

We’re back home now, and I wanted to share some more photos from our Italy adventures. Our last day in Rome, we went out to Ostia, the harbour city of Ancient Rome. It was really interesting wandering through what used to be the “Main Street” there, and imagining what it must have all looked like. Here’s what it looks like today…


Then we took the (wrong) train into Florence… haha. When we realized what was supposed to be a super fast train straight to Florence was actually stopping frequently to pick up more passengers, we noticed we’d gotten on the wrong one (it was still going to Florence, just a lot slower). Oh well… Once in Florence, we headed to the Duomo first to go ahead and do some serious climbing. Here’s a shot of the Duomo, towering above gorgeous Florence… (this was taken from Giotto’s Tower)


 After 400+ steps, we made it to the top, and looked out over Florence… it was gorgeous!


 Some sweet Tennessee gals grabbed this quick shot of us from the top. 


 Back on the ground…



On our second day in Florence, we went to see the David, and we were blown away by its beauty and size. I really wanted to take pictures, but security wasn’t cool with that. We then had the rest of the day, and could either go around the some of the galleries or take a side trip. We went with the side trip, and hopped on another train out to the Cinque Terre, five coastal villages along the Mediterranean Sea, connected by a long (tough) hiking path. This was my favorite part of the whole trip… it was breathtaking walking right by the sea. Along many parts of the path, there wasn’t even a fence or railing of any kind, so a slip would have been pretty bad! 

A couple shots from our stroll through the villages…



And probably the prettiest view I’ve ever had…. 



Once last shot from Florence is of our hotel room there. It was so awesome with its little balcony off the back, and definitely the best place we stayed of them all…



Rebecca - April 13, 2008 - 8:09 am

Wow — those are some GREAT shots! I love the lemons — like, a LOT! :)

admin - April 16, 2008 - 6:46 am

Thanks, Rebecca! It was so cool seeing all the lemons in town… gotta love that punchy color!

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