Little Miss Willow

Children portrait sessions are always fun for me, since I can be a kid again in the process. It’s also a great excuse to whip out a gun that blows bubbles. Willow has got to be one of the most fun kids I’ve worked with. She is not only adorable and sweet, but hilarious and loud (I wish I had a video of her screaming “Hi, Squirrel! to a scared little squirrel passing by the playground”)… I love that. We had such a good time on the playground yesterday… it reminded me of what an awesome place the playground is for a kid’s session. They’re really comfortable there, and I get to go down the swirly slides while we’re there… perfect! I’m never good at narrowing down favorites, so here are a handful that I love…I think she may have gone down the slide 50 times…


When Willow first showed up, she told me she had a “big puppy.” I figured this would be a great conversation to break the ice, so I said “Yeah.. I have two puppies at home.” Little did I know, her “big puppy” was actually in the car, and that he would join us for some photos. She insisted that he join her on the slide and monkey bars. Hilarious!






During a wardrobe and shoe change, she was sitting there so sweet. Could she be any more of a doll? I love all the happy, smiling shots, but this is one of my very favorites!


 When we broke out the bubbles, Willow was all over it. She didn’t stop until she’d caught as many as possible.



 She ran after this one bubble drifting away, and I caught her in this awesome jump…


 What could be as much fun as bubbles? Sidewalk chalk!



 This is her dinosaur face… pretty cute dinosaur, huh?



Only problem with the chalk… it gets all over every one. 


She is clearly crazy about her Dad, so I snagged a couple sweet shots of them together…






Just when I thought she couldn’t be any cuter… she changed into her little tutu. And it didn’t stop her from getting in some more slide time either!


How cute is this face!? And I love her curly hair…  


 Last up is just a silly photo… I brought along the Polaroid (I’m trying to keep the old school camera alive!) She took that photo of her Dad all by herself… too cute!


I had a blast, Willow! (like you’re really reading my blog).  

Tim - May 5, 2008 - 8:24 am

She read it… She loves the photos as much as I do. Awesome job

Wendy - May 9, 2008 - 6:18 pm

I used to nanny Willow and have watched her grow since 3 months of age. These photos are wonderful! She is such a precious child.

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