Picnic at the Park

Last weekend I met up with this adorable family at the park. Hayden turned 3 years old the day of the shoot, and his baby sister Madison turned one just a few days later. The last time I took photos of Hayden, he had just started crawling around. Now he’s running around, kicking balls, and celebrating a birthday with a sister. I think all these birthdays call for some balloons!


But the ball was a bit more popular…


At first Madison wasn’t quite sure what to do with this balloon….


But quickly started tugging it and having a good time! I love this shot, and love that Madison’s wearing a dress her Mom wore as a baby. 


Time to break for a little family picnic… (and I am loving the blue, white and yellow color scheme here!)



Aren’t these two so adorable!?


 I just love this one of Hayden!


 And a sweet moment with Grandma…


After some photos, Hayden was excited to finally walk over to the park!


And he was clearly having a great time…


 I think Madison had a good time too…



Baby London

Meet London… the sweetest little baby I’ve ever seen. She was born just two weeks ago, and I was so excited to meet her, hold her, and take lots of photos. This is my dear friend Katy’s first baby, so I think little London and my Ada will be good pals. 


I, of course, love sleeping baby photos… but was excited to get some of her wide awake!


 She was cracking us up with that one eye open… we even tried shutting it as she drifted off to sleep, but I guess she wanted to keep an eye on us! 




And a few with a vintage feel, since Katy’s going with an adorable vintage announcement…



 And this one’s my absolute favorite… probably my favorite baby photo yet. Isn’t she just adorable!?


 Lots more coming your way… a family shoot, a gorgeous bride, and photos soon from this weekend’s wedding! 

6 Months Old!

Hard to believe Ada is already six months old! A whole half of a year… that’s just crazy! Won’t be long before we’re planning her first birthday party and chasing her around the house. For now, though, she’s sitting up on her own, slowly learning how to crawl, and doing some thing new every day. She’s such a joy and so fun to photograph. Here are some favorites I took today…









Erica and Corey’s Wedding

A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of shooting Erica and Corey as they’d tied the knot under the pergola in Duke Gardens, and what a beautiful wedding it was! But before I can share my favorite photos with you, I have to say what an honor it was to work with Corey, who serves our country. Thank you, Corey, for all you do. Your friends, family, and new wife are extremely proud of you… as they should be! And congratulations on an awesome wedding. Here are a few of the gorgeous details, starting with the wedding bands…


 The oh-so-cute favors….


The gals at Tre Bella always amaze me with their bouquets and centerpieces…. they do such beautiful work, and I highly recommend you check them out!



 A couple more details, and I promise I’ll show you some people!


And here she is… the stunning, sweetheart of a bride, Erica.


This was my first wedding under the pergola, and it was just beautiful!


Making it official…


 And just moments later… they were married!


 But before we could head to the reception, we had a couple stops to make. First stop…. the bamboo!


Next stop… the railroad tracks. I couldn’t pick just one favorite, so I’ll share three. Hope you don’t mind….




 One more quick stop… right in the middle of the street.


Last stop… the reception, where they danced the night away. So I’ll leave you with this sweet one from their first dance as husband and wife…


 Congratulations you two… I’m so happy for you!

Danielle and Colin’s Wedding

Danielle and Colin were married a couple weeks ago at the Greensboro Arboretum, and let me tell you… it was perfect! The weather was incredible, considering it was the middle of July. It could have been crazy hot and humid (you know, the typical North Carolina Summer day), but it was really nice and comfortable out. I stopped by to see Colin beforehand as he was getting ready and grabbed this shot of him. It’s probably one of my favorite groom shots. 


Once every one had taken their places, here she came…  so beautiful!



Just as she slipped the wedding band onto Colin’s finger…


 And just moments later, their first kiss as husband and wife…


 The groomsmen showed up on the wedding day wearing these sweet, hot pink sunglasses… so we grabbed a pair for Danielle so they’d match. They were too cute!


 We got the standard wedding party shots, then we had a little fun for a few photos. This “mugshot” cracks me up…



These next two are my favorites from the day…



 Looks like love to me…


 First dance!


 A friend of Danielle’s made this cake, and she did an amazing job. It was gorgeous (and delicious). 


Last up… a ring shot. For this one I just used on their cards on the gift table. Who ever it’s from has nice handwriting;)


 Congratulations newlyweds! Had a great time with you all!